Tiffany Jones Law Firm, LLC

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Tiffany Jones Law Firm, LLC is a Birmingham based law office serving clients throughout the state of Alabama. We are dedicated to getting justice for our client’s legal needs and providing quality legal services. Our firm main goal is to fight for your rights. We are steadfast and aggressive in all our clients’ cases to ensure they obtain the most favorable results. We are a general practice firm with an emphasis on domestic relations, divorce, and criminal defense. 

Our firm understands that the law can be confusing and complex, but we are willing to explain to our clients their legal remedies. We believe that every individual despite their socioeconomic status or race has a right to equality. Eleanor Roosevelt was also an advocate for justice for all. She argued  “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.” As a result of this fundamental concept, our firm help our clients understand their legal rights. 

We understand being faced with a legal matter can be stressful. For that reason our aim is to provide competent legal advice and protect our clients’ rights. Our office handles each of our client’s cases specifically to their situation. We take the time to fully understand the facts of the case in order to be a zealous advocate for our clients.

Once we are retained on the case we guide our clients step-by-step throughout the legal process.  We keep our clients informed on the status of their cases. We prepare our clients for the possible outcome that may take place in the courtroom.  This process showcases to our clients that we are  knowledgeable of the law. This method displays to our clients that we are dedicated to serving justice for their legal needs and help build long lasting client attorney working relationships.